Federal Health Care Reform Resource Page

Grotenhuis has created this resource page to assist with making sense of the many reforms and changes brought about by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Overview of the Legislation
The two final pieces of legislation total nearly 2,000 pages and contain market reforms, an individual mandate, the creation of exchanges, new taxes and more.  Implementation has begun, but election results and future regulations continue to change the impacts of PPACA.  Below are presentations reviewing the current state of the legislation.

  • Discussion on National Health Reform: Critical Business Issues You Need to Know
  • Implementing Health Care Reform: Overview and Politics of the PPACA

    Additional Resources
  • Implementation Guidelines
  • Key Provisions
  • Key Provisions - Medicare
  • PPACA Taxes and Fees - July 2013
  • Timelines
  • Website resources

  • A message from Grotenhuis CEO Dean Ferris - 3/22/10
  • A message from BCBSM CEO Daniel Loepp - 3/22/10

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    This material and information has been prepared for informational purposes only. This is not legal advice. Grotenhuis supports reform, but has some concerns regarding the Senate bill. The most significant concern is that the bill does not address the cost of providing medical care, the true driver of private health insurance premiums. Another significant concern is the accuracy of the deficit reduction provisions.

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